Berlin-born polar bear cub named Hertha after local football club

Tierpark Berlin has agreed a sponsorship deal with the Bundesliga club of the same name.

A polar bear born at a zoo in Germany has been given a football-themed name.

The female cub, born on December 1 at Tierpark Berlin, has been named Hertha after the zoo agreed a sponsorship deal with the city’s Bundesliga football club of the same name.

(Tierpark Berlin)

“It’s short, snappy and has a link to her home town,” said Tierpark director Dr Andreas Knieriem. “Hertha is the perfect sponsor and the perfect name for our cuddly little Berliner.

“She is also a very sporty young bear.”

To celebrate the occasion, young Hertha was given a football with her name emblazoned on it to play with.

The 11-week-old was already proving to have remarkable stamina as she chased a ball around the den, according to the zoo.

The sponsorship deal with Hertha BSC will help to pay for the bear’s upkeep at the zoo.

Press Association


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