Dominic Raab and Boris Johnson to back Theresa May’s ‘painful’ withdrawal agreement in vote

Boris Johnson has indicated he will back Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement in Friday’s House of Commons vote, writing on Twitter: “It is very painful to vote for this deal. But I hope we can now work together to remedy its defects, avoid the backstop trap and strive to deliver the Brexit people voted for.”

Britain’s parliament will not discuss and vote upon any amendments during Friday’s debate on Brexit, Speaker John Bercow said.

Lawmakers had submitted three possible amendments, which could have changed the meaning or outcome of Friday’s debate. However, with none of those selected, the government’s withdrawal agreement on leaving the European Union will be put to a vote at 2.30pm today.

Former UK Brexit Minister Dominic Raab says he will also reluctantly back the deal, adding: “I cannot countenance an even longer extension to Article 50”.

Britain was supposed to have left the European Union today but Brussels let London delay its departure while May battles to try to get a consensus on how and when to leave the bloc.

The UK Parliament will vote on a stripped-down version of May’s twice-defeated divorce deal agreed with Brussels on Friday. Even if May wins, another vote will be required for Britain to legally exit the EU and the uncertainty is dismaying investors.

Meanwhile, Democratic Unionist Party lawmaker Sammy Wilson said on Friday he, and the rest of his party, would oppose the government’s attempt to get approval for its European Union Withdrawal Agreement at a vote later and on future occasions.

“Whatever means there are available to us should this agreement go through, we will continue to oppose it,” Wilson told parliament, ahead of a vote due at 1430 GMT.

“We will not allow Northern Ireland’s position within the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland’s economy and the will of the people of the United Kingdom as a whole to become the plaything in the hands of bureaucrats from Brussels.


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