First space test flight for Boeing’s astronaut capsule put back to August

Boeing’s new space capsule for astronauts faces more launch delays.

The Starliner capsule was supposed to make its debut this month, after a series of postponements.

But the first test flight is now off until August.

NASA Commercial Crew


NASA and @BoeingSpace have agreed to target August for its uncrewed test flight to the @Space_Station and to extend the duration of the company’s first crewed flight test: 

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And the second test flight, with astronauts, will not occur until late in the year.

Nasa announced the revised line-up on Wednesday.

At the same time, officials said the first Starliner crew will remain at the International Space Station longer than the few weeks originally anticipated.

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NASA Commercial Crew


Successful splashdown of the right on time at 8:45 a.m. ET.

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The length will be decided later.

SpaceX, Nasa’s other commercial crew provider, flew its new Dragon capsule to the International Space Station last month.

The first Dragon with astronauts could fly this summer, but the schedule is under review.

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