Lego parrots come face to face with real thing at zoo

Inca, a scarlet macaw, was said to be ‘very interested’ in the new recruits at Whipsnade Zoo.

A parrot came face to face with its Lego counterpart at Whipsnade Zoo.

Inca, a scarlet macaw, was introduced to plastic parrots Polina and Pearl at the Bedfordshire zoo on Tuesday.

The two metre-high sculpture of a scarlet macaw and a blue-and-gold macaw was constructed from 1,800 Lego bricks, recreating the colourful plumage of the real thing, and took experts 66 hours to create.

Zookeeper Leigh-Ann Batchelor said: “Inca loves investigating new things, so while he was a little cautious at first, especially because of their size, when he got used to them, he was very interested in the two new recruits.”

The bird sculptures will go on display to the public on Saturday as part of the Great Brick Safari exhibition, which took more than one million bricks to put together in total.

The exhibition features a range of animals including tigers, lions, pandas and a one-tonne elephant called Earl Grey, which itself is made from 271,739 bricks.

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